Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Golden Broom

I'm cleaning out my iPad and ran across a couple of images that I didn't post about.  Here is one of the cool things in my school... The Golden Broom.  We are a PBIS school and we get recognition for lot's of things like the cleanest room of the night, the Golden Plunger (cleanest bathroom), the Golden Tray (Grade that cleans up the best at lunch) and Bus Honor (Bus drivers participate in recognizing good behavior. For an art room to get the Golden Broom, it takes a lot of work.  I always make a BIG deal of it when I get the honor.  You could implement this in your classroom too, giving a Golden 'something' award the the best clean up group you see in a week.  It would be an honor that some classes might be motivated by. 

Update:  After posting this, I was surprised to walk into my class room and see both the upstairs and downstairs brooms in my room.  It brought a smile to my face.  I love that this blog is read by such a variety of viewers, including my custodial staff. 

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