Friday, August 7, 2015

#ProcessPigs, Metal Collage

I know I've said this about every #ProcessPigs, but I had a blast making this pig too!! Check out the process on this bad boy by checking out the video below.

I used a variety of tools for this project.  Can you identify any of the tools above?

I collected a BUNCH of pop cans of many different colors.  I had my friends and family help me gather the cans.  Can you think of a place where you could get some pop cans to use?

As you saw in the video, I drew and colored my plan before making the pig out of the metal pop cans.  When you draw something on paper and then use it as a guide for a different material it is called a pattern or a layout.  So I created my own pattern to follow for this pig.

I had to take the pattern and cut it up to figure out the sizes and shapes I needed the metal to be.  It was VERY challenging, but that is what made it so satisfying to accomplish this pig.  I had a hard time, at times I wanted to give up, but because I kept working hard and figuring out the problems, I was able to finish this pig and that made me feel proud.

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