Monday, September 21, 2015

Architecture Magnets

I posting some of my new stations. I'm recording them separately so that I can make a playlist in youtube and QR codes for instruction at the individual stations. More to come on that soon.  Here is my Architecture Magnets (video and activity).

This station has been popular.  I like that I'm using space on my board for a station.  It helps spread out the work spaces.  

I did have to make one change and have the students place the magnets in a container rather than the metal board. Easy switch but a good example of why I'm making my instruction videos one at a time... if I make a big change in my instruction, it's just making a new 1 minute video.

As with many of my supplies, these magnets were here when I arrived in the room two years ago.  I did find them online and they look like they are about $15.00.  I think they could easily be made with some flat magnets as well.

As always Amazon was happy to help me pair up this product with another thing that I must have... actually, it had a good suggestion.  The book Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty would be a wonderful paring! 

Found the book online, check it out...


  1. i like the architectural elements for your magnet station. Iggy peck is awesome- i'll be busting out a project inspired by the book in a couple weeks:)

  2. I love these magnets! Can't wait to purchase some -- what a cool activity! :)