Thursday, October 15, 2015

Donors Choose in Mrs. Hahn's Classroom

As you might know from following this blog, I love to experiment with everything Education... I research educational philosophy, take continuing education classes, use social media for professional development, and love every minute of it. I will often implement my findings in my classroom by testing it out first, and running with it for all classes if it's successful.  

This is no different.  I have heard about the site Donors Choose from several educators around the world.  They have found success in connecting industry, donors, and educators.  This is a site that educators can propose a wish or a 'project' that they would like to be funded.  After an approval, it is out there for all to see and perhaps fund. I love this idea.  I have so many big ideas, and I am often very resourceful by reusing, repurposing, and sharing everything that I can.  I do have a budget as the Art teacher but my class is very consumable so the money is tight. This was a way to put the 'wish I had it' list out there for others to take a look at and maybe back with a gift of money. 

One of the reasons I really like this is from the perspective of a parent.  I have two kids and am often asked to donate to the school.  We do, but sometimes the money goes towards something I'm not passionate about, or my personal kids will not benefit from.  I like this thought of having a clear idea of what donated dollars goes towards.  If you are a person who has a child who is passionate about art, and/or you can see the benefit of this project... you can fund it, and know what your donation is supporting.  That's really cool.

I also like this from a local business owners perspective.  Many industries and businesses are so giving with their money. Again, perhaps a business who wants to support creativity in the youth of their town could find a place for those donations.  Our great town of Rogers is amazing for this.  We support each other (the businesses, non-profits, and schools).  We call it the Connect Effect.  This is a great way to communicate to your community what your needs are in the school. homepage looks like this (image above)

If you are looking specifically for Mrs. Hahn's Donors Choose site, just go to the toolbar on the top and click on the link. Or simply click here

It will bring you to a page that looks like the image above.  This is my Donors Choose page.  You can see the 'project' by scrolling down.  I have made my first project and I'm excited to share it with you.  It revolved around the new technology I have in my class.  I have been given 7 iPads for the art room.  We are using these non-stop in every class.  There are many purposes for the iPads in my class but mainly it's for documenting and creating.  This is just another medium that will allow my students to share and create their art.

I often will flip my instruction.  This means I will record myself for the students to learn.  I am now asking students who are ahead to view the lesson (the next step or a bonus lesson) on the iPads.  This allows my students to be more independent and self-paced. So for this I am asking for headphones for my students to use when watching the lesson.

The second part of my request revolves around the 'creating' part of using technology in class. Do you ever have a fear that our young people will not have the fine motor skills that we do because they are using their finger to swipe a screen?  It's a fear I have.  I have asked for styles to allow my students to still practice their pencil grip while working on devices.  I have asked for a class set because I plan to check out the classroom sets of iPads once and a while. 

So I'm very excited to share that my project has been picked for the SPARK match.  This means that for every dollar that is donated, it will be matched if received before Oct. 18th.  That is already this Sunday, so I'm hopeful for the match.

I was surprised that I did get my first donation from Cards Against Humanity (have you ever played that game? It's fun... maybe not around the kids, just an FYI).  Anyways it has been fun to see how this all works.  Another experiment for Mrs. Hahn. :)

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  1. It is posts like this one that help me jump the hurdle of hesitation and try new things. Thank you for the break down. I have undertaken a series of mural projects this year and am struggling for funding. I have thought of trying Donors Choose, but really new nothing about it. This post helps push me to jump in and make it happen. Thank you for these kinds of posts.

    Thanks, Jack Fleming