Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Definition of Process

Take a small idea, and make it big.  Last year we talked about the word medium every day for our art warm up with EVERY class using the Monster Mediums. This year it's the #ProcessPigs.... We are really thinking about the word process, what does it mean?  The definition that I'm giving the kids is 'How it was made'.  Nice, simple, and hopefully will stick with them forever.  We have introduced several pigs so far and the kids are loving the routine.  When they come in, I say...

"Hey class, I have a #ProcessPig to show you." 

The class says together

"Hey Mrs. Hahn, how was it made?" 

This way they have to say the definition every time they come to art.  It's become a bit of a joke for the kids.  They laugh and giggle to say the words.  If I forget to say my line... someone always reminds me.

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