Thursday, November 5, 2015

AEM Fall Conference- Breaking Bold

So excited to join the Minnesota Art Education Association this weekend for our state conference.  Phil Hansen is our keynote on Friday and I can NOT wait to see him.  This guy is one creative dude!

On Sat. the keynote speaker is going to be Peyton Scott Russell.  I'm not as familiar with his work but after doing a little snooping around on his website, I'm stoked to meet him as well.  What great work he has.

I will be presenting on Saturday in the Winter Room on what else... Artist Trading Cards.  I plan to cover the what? the who? and the why? of ATC's.  This will be a hands-on, conversation about creating these little treasures and why they have worked so well in my classroom! Excited to share about my continued experiment.

Update:  Learning about more presenters who will be at the AEM conference this weekend.  Jen Dahl will be talking about blogging for beginners.  I saw her national presentation on the same subject and it was wonderful.

Another blogging friend and AOE team member who is presenting at the AEM conference this year is Molly Wiste.  If you have been to the conference the last couple of years you might have seen her offerings.  She also presented on the AOE Summer Conference.  This women is a wealth of knowledge and has a lot to share.

If you are joining us at the AEM Fall Conference, please introduce yourself.  I would love to meet you!

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