Monday, November 16, 2015

Artist Trading Card Update

This trade is BOOMING!! Because our ATC's are due at the end of this month, I'm getting cards pouring in.  This is getting exciting!



We have 3 groups of cards that have come from out of the USA.  These are always exciting to kids (and me). 

Oh, the lessons... The lessons that are being inspired by this trade.  I have to share what I'm getting in so you can brainstorm some future cards/ art lesson plans yourself. This trade from Donna in NJ came to me so organized in this ATC sleeve. 

Each grade seemed to create a different card with Emily from CA.  The next several pictures are her wonderful lessons.

@Miss_Fiedler is looking for some feedback from her trade.  She included a twitter handle on the back of her cards.  Great idea.

Students of St Paul's School have a great variety of cards to share with us. I fell in love with that little zebra. These cards below come from Brooklandville, MD.

Our very own #PLN member on twitter, Barbara Lardner, shared these cute... really cute owls with us. These cards come from East Providence, RI.

These preschoolers from Jacksonville, FL even sent some shells with their collage work. Awesome!

Miriam Paternoster from Italy, author of Arte a Scuola, sent such a sweet package.  These collages are stunning.  She has posted about the trade as well as a video that I have to share with you.  I mean really... REALLY awesome!

Heading to Australia next with these laminated cards.  These will be fun for your students to get for sure.  They are all so creative and unique.  Kate Todd from Mount Annan was happy to join in too, her cards are in the image below her students work here.

Had to highlight this card... It made me smile.

Kate Todd, Teacher, Artwork below

Well... as you can see, the trades are a grown.  These cards are displayed for my students to look forward to receiving at the end of this trade.  Remember all cards are due Nov. 30th.  We will take the month of December to get them back to you.  The goal is to have them in the mail by January 1st.


  1. Dear Mini Matisse,
    I am so happy my quote card made you smile and was featured on your blog.
    Thank you.
    -Naomi Mount Annan Christian College

  2. I so enjoyed looking through these wonderful ATCs. Thank you for sharing!