Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Artist Trading Card Update...

The due date for the ATC's was Nov. 30 so the cards have been pouring in.  Over conferences I was able to go through some of them.  They are amazing and I wanted to share... 

You might have seen the cards above on Mr. E's Blog.  These cards are fro Hermitage, TN.

Good think'n on E's part to group the cards by 10.

The above is from Anderson, SC.  

From Calgary, AB, Canada... the cards below and the gift of stamps above.  How thoughtful! 

The prints below are from Lyndhurst, Ohio

Below are from Monterey, CA.

The following cards are from Richford, VT.

These cards come to us from St. James, NY.

From the middle of the United States, these cards below... from Ralston, NE

Love getting mail from Art teachers.  This creatively decorated and designed package came from New Palestine, Indiana.

These sweet little mushrooms and fungus come from Tallahassee, FL. 

I'm so glad that I had conferences to go through all of these cards.  They are so wonderful to look at.  I have been sharing them with my students but can't wait to share them with you.  It felt good to be caught up... for a day.  Here is the package that I found by my mail box today... 

OK... well... 20 more to go through.  No problem.  Glad to have everyone participate!

More updates to come soon!


  1. I'm gonna hit the big time now...top of the post on Mini Matisse!! You are sooooo amazing door doing this(and another of other reasons)! My kids are so excited to get cards back!

    1. for...not door?!?!?! But I'm sure you have an amazing door too! :)

    2. Funny! My Door is OK... I mean it's not amazing:)

  2. We ARE FAMOUS!!! The kids loved seeing their designs. You are seriously awesome. Thanks SO much for hosting this!!!!

  3. Love your posts and all the artwork. I’m looking to do a swap with someone if anyone is interested? I teach at a Middle School (grades 7&8) in Malaysia.

    1. Will you please email me?? Nicholechahn@yahoo.com