Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book #Crush

This #Crush I want to dedicate to my book club.  I have a group of women that get together every 6 weeks to discuss a book that we read together. 

Yes, that would be the definition of a book club Nic...  

Right, but the KEY to that definition is we READ the books and discuss it.  Yes, many times we get off task, we giggle, we joke about our husbands and kids, but overall it's about the books.  I listen to all my books on I use my hands way too much, move around too much, and have difficulty reading, so books being read to me is perfect.  

In the last year and a half of getting together as book readers, we have read two books by Liane Moriarty, "Big Little Lies" and "The Husbands Secret".  We liked both of them so a third has been added to the list, "What Alice Forgot".  I think what is most appealing about these books is that the characters in these books are us.  They are women around our age, with kids, husbands, a domestic life. We take deep breaths when the Moms from this book have some of our secret thoughts about the life that we live.  It gives us the courage to talk about our thoughts out loud with the book club group and sometimes, it turns out a lot of us have the same secret thoughts. Thanks for promoting real conversation in our book club Liane Moriarty.


  1. What Alice Forgot, IS AMAAAAAAAZING!! I got the audio book (on cd) and listen to it to and from work.... so good. I haven't read any other books written by her. I think i might read Big Little Lies, next.

    1. Oh yes... you must read the others. I can't wait to pick up What Alice Forgot. I too listen on audio most of the time. Creative hands need to listen... they can't turn pages, they are busy building, inventing and designing.