Thursday, March 24, 2016

Drawing in a new way...

There are just a few more hours before spring break.  The kids are... ummm... well, energetic.  How am I going to keep them engaged as they practice their drawing skills.  The goal, using shapes and lines to make designs... the method of obtaining this goal?  Drawing (under the tables).  Check out this 1-minute video about the activities. 

Station 1:  Pre-drawn ovals that students decorated with shapes and lines.  This was a collaborative work. 

Station 2: Drawing the eggs individually on the top of the table.  I don't want to freak kids out totally and tell them they all have to be under the tables (but most were excited about the opportunity).

Station 3: Use step-by-step instructions to create a picture.  I like to give kids the opportunity to follow instructions.  We talk about the fact that the instructions are shapes and lines too.  Thought it would be more fun... UNDER THE TABLE.

The only drawback to this was that the kids found an ant on the ground and that was a little distracting.  Something I have learned from teaching kindergarteners is that you can't control them... they control what happens in class... but you can trick them into learning a lot of the time.  I told them the Ant was my pet.  They all wanted to take a picture with my pet ant Allen... We talked about it for a while.  We talked about the shapes and lines we would need to draw this little bug.  Then I put him in his home (my desk drawer) and asked the kids to get back to work.  Can't wait to hear what the parents are told tonight.

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