Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Madness Final Results

About a month ago I posted about our specialist team working collaboratively to create brackets for March Madness (see previous post).  This was a blast for both the teachers and the students.  We know it was a lot of fun for the kids but didn't know how much until yesterday when we had the 'final match-ups'.  Stink'n awesome I tell you... really, a lot of fun. 

So in the morning, we announce the final two in each bracket (phy ed, media, art, and music).  All specialist had their classes vote in all categories throughout the day and when the final winners were announced... we could hear cheering in the hallways.  That is how we knew it was a success!!  Let me share the final winners for all the specialist areas. 

In art class, the students were voting for 'Art from Around the World'.  The Golden Alligator won by a landslide.

The music results were surprising (well, at least for me).  I have been listening to YMCA for the past month out of my students mouths (YMZA from some of the kindergarteners :) ).  I was pleasantly shocked (not shocked) when We Speak No Americano won by FAR!!

The closest match up was skateboarding vs. rock climbing. Our Phy Ed team has an amazing skateboarding unit so I was sure that it was going to win, but rock climbing held it's own.

In media there was a final two of a very funny book, Where Are My Books, by Debbie Ridpath Ohi and a more serious book Finding Winnie, by Lindsay Mattick which ended up winning.  Students really got to learn about 8 amazing books in the past month due to the March Madness activity.

This is going to be a repeat for sure next year.  It was a great activity, hit a lot of learning targets, and really was a lot of fun for our students.  I love when you can make learning fun and the kids don't have a clue that we are teaching them.   Hoo Ray for sneaky teachers! 

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