Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sound Effect for a Stop Motion Animation

On the last day of my teacher swap at Rogers Elementary, Mrs. Olufson's 3rd-grade group wanted to make stop motion as a collaborative.  They chose the subject to be "When Pigs Fly".  How very funny and creative.  They madw some wonderful pigs and with a lot of hard work, we worked on this video together.

The kids worked so hard on it that they never got to see the final work in class nor did they get to work on the sound-effects. No worries, the 2nd-grade group that followed (Mr. Bloom's class) was more than willing to help out.  Here's how I did it in a very orderly way.  I lined up all my students and we practiced pig sounds.  Then I walked next to them while I was recording into the movie. (see video below).

Mr. Blooms Class choose to make hot air balloons.  I asked if anyone knew a balloon song or poem and this little sweet pea said, 'I Do!' I had her sing it to me and then I asked if she would be willing to sing it on the video.  We went into the hall and I asked her to practice it one more time.  The song was different. I asked her about the change and she admitted that she made the song up.  I was delighted and told her that I loved it and that I must have it on the video!  The video below is what she came up with. 

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