Friday, July 15, 2016

Reflection and Questions Answered (iPad Stands) #ArtEdNow

I presented at the #ArtEdNow Summer 2016 conference yesterday. I love having conversation during a conference via social media. I learn so, so much.  It's also fun to give a little celebration to the presenters.  I know I was feeling the love from all the twitter conversation.  Check out the amazing note taking of my #PLN member Collette, @artsmart64 shared with me after watching my presentation.  How cool is that? 

I kept myself actively engaged all day with these notes as well.  I picked up so many tips and tricks and have them in my notes.  It was super fast with little breaks... but buckets of information!  You can see all my notes on my Instagram.

During my first presentation, I was asked about iPad stands a lot.  This was a resource that was sent to me by Sarah DeWitt Brooks, @Wonderbrooks

ProComputer Productions  has the red iPad stand that I used in my presentation.  It also has the one I have pictured below.  If I were to purchase an iPad stand it might be this one... I like that it can sit on the ground so that your surface area of your table is clear of any ridges.  That is the drawback of any iPad stand that I have used... there is always a base that makes it hard to draw/paint/print under. 

But you know me... I love the homemade stands myself.  Check out the resources that I posted yesterday to support my presentation (click here). 

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