Friday, August 19, 2016

Bit-O-Bio, Faith Ringgold

I fell in love with Faith Ringgold when the Art of Education had her speak at a conference.  She is a treasure.  Such an amazing storyteller, illustrator, artist.  She made great gains in women equality and speaks to her African American history in her art and word.  Of course, you would want to highlight her in an art class.  That is why she is my latest Bit-O-Bio.

This video talks about her childhood, her inspiration from her Mom, and her efforts for women's rights. Amazing lady for sure. The images that are created in this video include a picture of Ringgold as a child.  She always was an artist.  Also, the many children's books that she wrote and illustrated and finally an image inspired by her book Tar Beach. 

As with all the Bit-O-Bio's, there are questions and answers in response to the video.  This will allow teachers to review the information shared in the short Bit-O-Bio.  Teachers can share the books, artworks and images created by Faith Ringgold to make this lesson stronger. 

Click here to view Faith Ringgold's Bit-O-Bio

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