Saturday, November 26, 2016

Art Reflection- Careers in Art

I have been doing a concentration on #CareersInArt with my 3rd grade this year.  We are all loving it.  The kids are having a blast and learning a lot.  Click here to see more lesson plans and videos on Careers in Art. 

I wanted to make sure that the kids had a formal reflection about the careers we had covered in the past four visits to the art room. I started the kids out with a worksheet that we completed together.  I didn't want them to worry about the names of the careers, I wanted to hear more about the reflection... what they liked (and why) and what they found challenging (and why).  Feel free to share this reflection with your own students.  I have a FREE printable on my TpT store
The next part of the project, I showed my students how to draw a troll.  They created a troll to be one of the 4 careers in art.  In our case, the trolls had to be an architect, medical illustrator, toy designer, or botanist. I glued this worksheet onto the back of the artwork at the end of class.  The next class students were able to finish their designs by drawing, outlining and coloring if they had time. The artwork was sent home.  With the reflection sheet on the back, my hope was that the kids would share this with their parents and it would help communicate what we have been doing in the Art Studio. 

You will see a lot of Troll projects from me right now because it's the kids pop culture right now... it's HOTT for this minute in time.  This idea could be changed for any main character.  You could use your mascot, something seasonal (a turkey for Turkey perhaps), or themselves. Or even an interior design project with no subject at all... just the inside of a room of a career in Art. 

Above is a Botanist Troll. 

We have a Medical Illustrator above complete with teeth and bones. 

Here's a Troll with a ponytail.  She just happens to be an Architect. 

This Troll is more of a Yoda Troll I guess... He's a toy designer. 

It was a fun project for my students to do while reflection on the content learned thus far this year.

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