Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Light Painting with Sphero

One of the best part of Sphero is that they have lights... lights that can be changed.  I wanted to make sure that we highlighted this at a station. So I create a 'dark room' for students to explore this. 

This was my set up.  I shared with the Sphero painting that I asked my husband to make me a frame.  Here you see my 11 year-old son's creation for a frame.  I set up two tables and I used the glass from a display case to put across the tables like a bridge. Then I used sheets to cover the tables. 

The kids loved being under the tables.  Even my 5th graders found ways to fit under in the 'dark room'. 

I think the number one game played under here was tag. It was fun to hear them yelling out the colors of who was it.

The glass on the top served two purposes. One, I used it as a window into the activities below  It was easy to see if students were 'doing their job'. Two, I placed my iPad on the glass and allowed students to take pictures using the Slow Shutter Speed App. It took pictures like what you see below.

On the very last day, we also found that the app worked well in the light too.  You do need to have a very still camera, but Awesome results!! 

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