Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sport #Crush

February 26: Sport #Crush

I love a lot of sports.  Well... sort of.  I don't care about professional or college sports teams.  I'm a home town cheerleader.  I love to cheer for the local high school or little league team.

One annual game the Hahn family goes to is the St. Paul Saints.  It's such a good time because they have so many little entertaining activities throughout the game.

I love to play volleyball.  I'm not the best, but I really give it my all.  I'm not on a team but I would gladly join in anytime.

I love Soccer and Archery because my kids are involved with the two sports.  I love watching them learn and grow in these two areas.

But, when pressed to choose one I would say Bocce Ball.  Our family will go out any summer night and play a game of yard Bocce Ball. We play by the 'Hahn' rules... probably not going go professional with this, but this game is close to my heart because it brings my family together and we have lot's of laughs around it.

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