Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aboriginal Patters for Kindergarten with Paint

We have been working on Patterns.  The previous visit to the Art room, students created patterns using recycled materials (click here).  Today I wanted to explore the same concept, but this time they would use a new medium and it would be more individual that the collaborative project we did in class last time.

We reviewed our patterns again. This time we played a bit of a game.  Sitting in a circle, one student would say a pattern (truck, car). We would identify the pattern (A, B) and then go around the circle repeating the pattern... student one, 'truck', student two, 'car', student three, 'truck'... and so on. 

To introduce this lesson I showed them portions of this video at a time.  First I played how to draw the lines, paused it, then asked the kids to go to their table and create the lines.  "Meet me back on the carpet when finished."

I started playing the video again. The students learned to create an 'A,B' pattern then came to the carpet to learn the next two options.  I do this so I have a chance to do a formative assessment of the class.  Are they getting it?  Is there someone who needs a little more help? It also create breaks and movement in the Art Studio. 

Each section had a different color of paint, or background so I was able to keep them all apart from one another.  I used the same paint for all students in each class to create a uniformed look... and prevent fights. 

If time allowed, I would cover Aboriginal Design.  We would talk about the dots and the patterns.  It was fun to have the students relate their art to the amazing work of the Aboriginal people. 

Image Source (click here)

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