Sunday, April 9, 2017

Art Teacher Swap-- Sphero

This is the third Art Teacher Swap that I have done, the second at Rogers Elementary with a good friend of mine, Sue Davies. Read more about what we have done in the past in these posts (click here).  I'm going to be sharing Sue's amazing clay projects that she has done with my students in upcoming posts, but this post is about what I did with the RES students this year.  I brought in Sphero to the Art Room.  You might think you are having a little Deja Vue... that might be because I did this at Hassan right before Christmas break.  I was excited to share the Sphero's with another 800ish kids.

Here are a couple things that went really well this time around.  I asked for volunteers!  This was so great... I had the opportunity to meet not only lot's of students but also lot's of parents. They were all really engaged in the activity too. They also were taking pictures of the kids at work and sending them out to more parents.  That's right... Arts Advocacy, a positive message coming out of the classroom.  It was a highlight. 

So by the end of this week, I had taught 1600 students in total how to play with the Sphero.  They also all had a chance to actively use them.  I had taught the lesson 60 times... wait, I guess it was 59 times, I don't want to exaggerate.  So, yeah, I have a few tips and tricks to share if you are considering this lesson in your classroom.

There are a couple of ways to learn more about how I taught Spheros in my classroom.  First, look at my past posts (click here). You could also download this handout for quick and more specific links (click here). But if you are jazzed about Spheros as a great STEAM activity... Education Closet Summer Conference is the place for you.  This online conference is AMAZING!! I have purchased several times and have learned so much!! This summer, July 20th specifically, I will be presenting on Sphero in the Classroom. I will be sharing a ton of nuggets I've learned from teaching this lesson this year. I'm so excited to share.  Hope to see you there!!

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