Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weaving: Spring Nests

Weaving is one of the best fine motor challenges for our young artists.  I find that weaving can be introduced with K's but is the most appropriate challenge for the average 1st grader.  Most students have to work mentally and physically to achieve a good weave and therefore, when successful, our students feel accomplished!  I have lot's of different options for weaving right here on MiniMatisse.blogspot.com in past posts (click here).  This year, we created nests for our pre-test and introduction to weaving.  I always like to do a paper weaving before I do the end of the year fiber weaving. 

I taught the students with this video.  This way I could play and replay it for the majority of the class, and assist individuals when needed. 

The first day the students did the weaving and glued the shape on the back.  We let it dry until their next visit.

At the start of the next day, students cut the weaving out.  They then used tempera sticks to draw a branch.  We had some paper left over from an earlier project, so some of them created little eggs to go in their nests as well. 

We played them on the floor to dry.  My youngest students are at the end of the day so we leave them out on the floor so we can have a discussion about the projects and also take pictures for Seesaw to share with parents at home.

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