Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Yayoi Kusama- Obliteration Wall

My students had a great time learning about Yayoi Kusama (click here). She was an Artist, unlike anyone they had seen.  It was important to me to cover the mental health as I introduced the artwork of Kusama.  She used art as therapy and that was a comment made in the Bit-O-Bio.

Also in the Bit-o-Bio, it mentioned her Obliteration Room.  The following week, we made her Obliteration Room come to life. The warm up of this week was to watch a few minutes of the following video. 

Then we walked into the hallway to add one dot to our very own Obliteration Wall. Students loved seeing the wall continue to be covered over the next week as classes came to Art and added their dot. Many students claim they know the dot they added on the wall. 

I used some of the swag we got from the Art Ed Now 2017, Winter Conference.  We always get the best swag from the Art Ed Now conference. They already announce some of the presentations for this summer. Thanks to Margo who got this picture of the swag and specifically the markers I used.   Dab a Dot Markers were perfect for this project. 

We wanted to recreate a video inspired by the video above.  I recorded the students in time-lapse and when I brought it into the iMovie App I sped it up even more. Most students are represented in this video and it's only a little under two minutes long.

What a fun installation for my students to be a part of... and so easy. 

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