Tuesday, May 16, 2017

#WelcomeWall, Bridget Bruneau

In 2015 I made a New Years Resolution to collect Art from Artist I admire (see previous posts).  I created several small, 8X8 box frames and have been asking Artist to trade or to purchase I have been waiting to collect my next four works of Art to write a post about them, but now allow me to do so.  I'm excited to show you the next four Artworks on my #WelcomeWall.

As far as the #WelcomeWall goes, this is my oldest friend. Let me introduce you to Bridget Bruneau. Bridget and I attended The University of Wisconsin-Stout for our undergrad in Art Education. I always admired her work.  In college, she created these amazing images of swimmers underwater. I have often thought of her work so I reached out to her for this project.  

In her package she sent back to me, she included some postcards of her work. Beautiful work!

Bruneau shows her work at First Street Art Gallery in Menomonee Michigan. You can also connect with Bridget on Facebook.  Or get your own print of her work by visiting FineArtAmerica page.  You can see her images of swimmers and dancers.  She creates so much movement in her work. I'm so proud to own a Bruneau original.  

More to come soon...

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