Thursday, May 18, 2017

#WelcomeWall, Katrina Berg

In 2015 I made a New Years Resolution to collect Art from Artist I admire (see previous posts).  I created several small, 8X8 box frames and have been asking Artist to trade or to purchase I have been waiting to collect my next four works of Art to write a post about them, but now allow me to do so.  I'm excited to show you the next four Artworks on my #WelcomeWall.

Katrina was a find on Instagram (@Katrina.berg), and boy, what a follow she is. Take a look at this Mom of many.  She is living a most Artful life and loving her kids along the way.  This Utah native was happy to work with me on this project. She was excited to make a connection with a Minnesotan because her kids happened to be learning about the 50 states at the time. 

After finding her on Instagram, I started snooping around her website as well (Katrina Berg).  I found out that she is a creator of some amazing products. You can get clothing, prints of amazing work, and buy original paintings as well.  Yep, I needed one for my wall!! 

I let my son choose this painting. Katrina has so many amazing images that I let my 10-year-old at the time, take a look and pick out a subject.  He chose a Mixer.  He said it reminds him of our time spent as a family in the kitchen. He loves to bake.

The wall continues to grow.  I love my space, bringing in artwork from people I admire is important to me.  I sometimes just go into that room to sit and admire the works collected thus far. These works of art are admired and loved by everyone who sees the #WelcomeWall.

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  1. Nic! Thanks for sharing! I feel so blessed that you found me on ig, your daily posts inspire me to be a better teacher & creative. Loves to you & your family! xoxo