Monday, June 12, 2017

Create an Egg Pouch


My goal for this summer is to use up some of my fabric.   I have been saving some fabrics for that just right project, and now my philosophy is to 'use the good stuff!!'. So here is one of my first projects of the summer.  Egg pouches for my sisters.  I'm the oldest of 4 girls and two of my sisters got chickens this summer... I thought I would make them a little apron for them to collect the eggs. I'm not a pattern writer... so these instructions will be a little loose, but here's how I did it. 

Cut two 15 X 26-inch pieces of patterned fabric
Cut four 6 X 26-inch pieces of coordinating solid fabric
Cut one 15 X 24-inch of quilt batting

I used spray adhesive to bond the batting onto one of the patterned fabrics (wrong side).  I just centered it a bit and used it as a guide to sew around. 

I placed both patterned fabrics in towards itself (right side to right side).  The batting was connected to one of the fabrics with the sprayed adhesive.  I then sewed around three edges... the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.

Then I turned the fabrics right sides out.  This sandwiched the batting in the inside of the fabrics.  The top is still raw, but the sides and bottom are clean stitched. I then folded the bottom up about 4 to 5 inches.  

I folded in half and found the middle of the fabric, marking it with a pin, as shown above. 

From the center point, I measured 4 inches in either direction marking it with a pin. Again, 4 inches out, and 4 inches one more time on either side... that brought us close to the edge. 

After marking with a pin, I then sewed a straight stitch from the bottom to the top of the now pocket. I would use a locking stitch at both ends of the straight stitch every time. 

Fold over the edges of the fabric and simply straight stitch the fabric.  Sandwich the pockets with right sides in.  I tried to take a picture to better explain.  I hope between my pictures and words, you can understand my directions. 

Below is another view. See the fabrics all lined up on the raw side of the egg pouch.  I pinned along the top and sewed the 'sandwiched' fabrics together. 

Once the solids were sewn on, I ironed the raw edges down into the inside as shown below. 

Now I folded the other two solid pieces in half and ironed them.  These will become the waist straps.  

I sewed along the raw edges of the 26 inches. Then I turned out the long tubes inside out to clean the edge up. 

I used a safety pin to help me turn out the long waist straps. Take a look at this video for a better explanation. 

Then, I sandwiched the waist straps inside top of the egg pouch. 

Pinning it helped it stay in place as I sewed it in.  I also sewed along the top of the apron too.

There we have it... A cute little egg pouch for my sisters to gather their eggs. 

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