Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 15, 2017: #Reflect13

I'm excited to take part in the #k12ArtChallenge this month.  This month we are throwing out some prompts to help start a conversation about our profession and our upcoming school year. 

I have chosen a quote from "The Book of Joy" by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. The quote is... 

"Wherever you have friends, that's your country, and wherever you receive love, that's your home."

This quote is so strong in my world this year as I make a change from another amazing staff to join a new school.  I have had so many great experiences... I have belonged to so many amazing 'countries'.  Rogers Elementary (2004-2010) is my home 'country'.  There I made mistakes, learned how to teach, and was mentored by others more experienced than I. At Rogers Middle School (2010-2013) the 'countries' dynamic changed and so did my coworker's lessons for me.  I learned how to see what is important and love the students for the diverse people that they are. I looked to my fellow teachers and learned how to be scheduled and mellow, and how to have fun with the unique perspective of the middle level. My most recent 'country' that I lived in was Hassan Elementary (2013-2017). This environment gave me immense joy again.  I was surrounded by new teachers and they provided me with humor, wonder, and the will to get better. I was immersed in Yoga Calm, great wisdom, and understanding from the teachers and staff who have equal or greater amount of work experience. Now I wait at the door of my a new country, Prairie View Elementary and Middle school. This country is like no other I have ever entered before.  It's new territory for all of us.  We will all, staff and students, enter the doors in the next couple weeks as immigrants all coming from different parts of the world.  HOW EXCITING!! We will create new traditions, new experiences for our students, new learning.  I have no doubt that these people will become my friends... and I will receive love from them.  Yep, my work place can be 'home'.  

Please reflect on this question today... Day 15th of #Reflect31.  

Where is your country? Can your work place be your home??

Listen to my video prompt below (and forgive my sore throat). Be sure to post on Social Media using the hashtag #Reflect31 and/or #k12ArtChallenge... Be sure to tag me as well, 

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