Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Glass Water Dishes... Are you kidding?

My family has been loving my new obsession! Oui Yogurt!! It is so creamy, and such a treat. But the reason I have been buying these little treats off the shelves is that I'm obsessed with the cute shape of the container. 

With a little tape, plastic and spray paint, these are my new gorgeous water dishes. I know, I know... they are glass... we are afraid to put glass in the hands of children. But I sent my kids to a Montessori preschool. EVERYTHING there was glass and the kids were much younger than the ones I teach. What is the worst that can happen... they break? Well, that gives opportunity for a lesson on cleanup. 

As you can see I only sprayed the container halfway.  This does two things.   It identifies the jars for each table and it is a visual of how full the water dishes should be. The kids get it... They are truly only filling it up to the line and they are not leaving a trail of water on the ground behind them because the water dish was too full.  In addition to all that... They are beautiful!

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