Friday, November 3, 2017

Jewelry on Display

I have had my jewelry tucked away for years now and there is so much of it... so much that I will never wear.  I choose to go through my jews and get rid of some of the ones I will never use. Then created new displays for my bathroom featuring my favorite jewelry.

I used some foam that was in the jewelry box that I had previous to the big change.  I wrapped the foam with some cloth and used hot glue to adhere it. Once I was done, I simply plopped it into a picture frame and it now holds my rings and pins.

Again from the frame that used to hold all my jewelry, I reused this bar of hooks.  I drilled it right into the wall to hold my necklaces. 

Finally, I pace some chicken wire on a shadow frame to display my earrings.  I love having all the earrings on display.  It's easier for me to look and choose from my options every day.

Here is the final result.  Overall, it works really well and looks beautiful. 

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