Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Speed Dating, Facilitating Peer Critiques

I have posted and presented on this idea before but every time I do it in class, it reminds me why this way to have peer critiques is one of my favorite. Watch the video of all the action in my room as my students rely on each other for feedback.

I typically will do this activity in the planning stages or in the refining steps of a project. I never do this critique at the completion of a project, the feedback cannot change the end result if we waited until the end.

I help facilitate by giving students a prompt to break the ice with the peer they are talking with.  What's their favorite candy, color, movie... that sort of thing. Then I ding the bell for the first person to explain the preplan and get feedback from the other, a second 'ding' switches the presenter. A third 'ding', has two of the people move to another table. This can move quickly and before it's done, every person in the classroom has heard and seen ideas from 7 other peers in my case (I have seven tables).  This is a powerful, and short peer feedback activity that could easily fit into other subjects and age groups.

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