Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#Crush Announcment

The last two years I have celebrated February with a series called #Crush. This February I would like to continue my #Crush celebration but this time I'm going to crush on Mediums.  See every week since the start of school all of my elementary students have had the same kind of warm up as they enter my classroom. They come in and I introduced them to a new Monster Medium. The purpose of the warm-up is to get students to 1) understand the what the word medium means in Art. 2) To help them recognize different media use and techniques 3) To create some routine fun-- yep, you can have a system set up to have fun. :)

I'll highlight the Monsters a bit more in March when we have brackets to vote for our favorite Monster Medium. This month, I'm going to #crush on different Media. Here is my schedule.  I think it would be fun to hear what your favorite lessons, uses, or techniques are with these mediums. I'll be sure to share some of mine as well! Hashtag your shares with #Crush and tag me on Twitter with @MiniMatisse and on Instagram with @MiniMatisseArt. Something to look forward to this month.

Here is my post on Crayons, Paints, Markers,

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