Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pinch Pot Pets

First grade Pinch Pots Pets were amazing. I love the variety and choice given to the students as they created their little Animal. Mrs. Hare reviewed pinch pots with these students first. Explaining, creating, and them coming back for more instruction. Students were then learned how to slip and score their 'extras' to create their pinch pot into a pet.

After firing, our students used Tempera Cakes to decorate as I did the k's (see the previous post). These were a great choice for both my K's and 1st-grade students. These 6 and 7 year-olds have a little more patients than the K's so I chose to dip their works in a bath to help seal it. They had to leave the clay in my classroom a bit longer, but it was worth it because there was GLITTER involved.  I mixed Glitter Medium (I have used both of the Mediums pictured above) 3 parts water to one part Medium in a container deep enough to dip these little projects in. See this video to see how I did the dipping. I used the mixture day after day just adding a little water and mixing it up again with a spatula. The racks that I set them on our locker shelves. TIP: if you check the lockers at the end of the year, once students leave... I bet you will find several locker shelves that you can take for this purpose.

Take a look at some of their awesome works of Art...

To see what other projects PVEMS created with our visiting Artist, Tracy Hare during Clay Week 2018, please see this previous post. 

As a slide not: This is how I take all my sculpture pictures. A simple solution to get a very professional result.

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