Art Classroom Expectations

Art Expectation

Be Respectful:
  • Students are asked to sit in assigned seats unless given an OK by the teacher.  Students do not walk around the room during instruction time.
  • Students will listen and engage with any speaker who is addressing the class (teacher, other students, substitute teachers, guests, and so on)
  • Students will share their thoughts in a appropriate manner.  Raising hands, waiting turns, and on topic conversations and responses are required. 
  • Students should only alter their own art work.
Be Responsible:
  • All assignments must be completed on or before the due date.
  • Students must come with requested supplies to class EACH day. (See Supply List
  • If a student is absent, it is the STUDENTS responsibility to make up the work missed.  You MUST come in to visit Mrs. Hahn at 8 AM the day you return to school.  This is one on one time for you to find out what you missed.
    • If a student fails to come in at 8AM upon his/her return a correction expectations will be issued, and daily points will be lost.
  • If a students project requires extra time to complete, the student must make arrangements with the teacher PRIOR to the due date.
  • If additional time is required for a project, the student is responsible for making arrangements with the teacher.  Some options for make up time are…
    • Mornings after 7:40 (M,T,Th,F)
    • After school by appointment
    • Study Halls
    • Advisory
    • ZAP Zone (homework time/room for student durning lunch)
  • ZAP Zone will be requested of students if they are behind on a project.
  • Students must clean up after themselves and leave the room to teacher's expectations.
  • Music students must consider appropriate times to leave classes for lessons such as WORK time, not instruction time.  
    • If you have a lesson you may have a peer take notes and THEY will explain what was missed in class.
    • If lesson is in the middle of class, please clean up all materials before leaving for a lesson.
  • I will only give 4 passes from my classroom over the quarter.  Please come prepared for class with the required materials.  
Be Productive:
  • Unfinished artwork will not be accepted.
  • Students need to be working or actively involved the WHOLE hour.
  • In class time can only be used for currant projects.
Be Safe:
  • Encourage your fellow classmate in positive ways.
  • Only verbalize positive comments about your own artwork.
  • Welcome feedback from others and give positive feedback as well.
  • Art levels are different for everyone.  Encourage classmates to take risks and to be proud of their growth.
  • Use materials and tools appropriately as instructed by your teacher.
  • Use tools for intended purposes. 
  • Push in chairs and arrange keep tables in designated spaces.
  • For every project there will be goals laid out for students.  If the goals are met, a student can be successful.  Art is NOT grade subjectively.
  • Work turned in after due date can receive 50% of the earned grade.
  • The above Art Expectations are also considered in a final grade.  This portion of the grade is called Participation and Cooperation. 
  • Every project concentrates on a concept.  If it is difficult for a student to successfully demonstrate a concept to earn a acceptable grade, students have the opportunity to take a written test covering the same concepts.  This is only after best efforts has been given to the art project covering that concept.
  • Extra credit is available.  (click here for extra credit)
No Warning Behavior:
  • These behaviors will have no warning before being asked to leave the classroom.
    • Safety violation (see above)
    • Bullying of others
    • Destruction of property
    • Inappropriate language
  • Students who receive 1 warnings during a class period will be asked to leave.
Technology Safety and Expectations: 
  • Students will only visit my site or link form my site.
  • I will allow devices in the classroom!
    • I will have a Device Sign in my classroom that will indicate if students can have be using their divice or not.  
    • The expectations is that students will use the device for bettering their learning experience.
    • Students will have their device on the table at all times.
    • Any adult in the room may ask to look at your device or listen to your music at anytime during class.  You must only be viewing/listing to school appropriate music.
    • No texting, or emailing during class unless instructed by the teacher.
  • If any inappropriate material is sited, simply hit the back button and/or move on. DO NOT bring your friends over to look at it.  
  • Tickets (expectation corrections) can be given if devices are being used for inappropriate acts such as cheating or getting sidetracked by your device.
These expectations maybe changed or added onto as needed.  Students will be updated with any changes.