Thursday, March 19, 2020

Continuous Line Bunny

Here is a sweet little spring lesson that is sure to capture your student's interest. I don't know why, but continuous line drawing is always an interesting practice for students (and adults). It's fun to take the challenge of not lifting your pencil until a drawing is complete. I have found that in the past, breaking down one subject and having students master that lesson has helped to encourage students to try it with other subjects on their own. 

I showed the video of the project that we would be doing. I had them divide a sketchbook page into 4 spaces. Then I had the students practice in four times as a group. the first time they were able to lift their pencil... the second time they were asked to keep the pencil down but we went slow. The third and fourth time we did quicker but together. They loved showing each other and telling each other how theirs turned out. Download the step by step worksheet here.

Students were asked to practice 4 more times on their own. I had a drawing sheet to help them out showing the steps if they needed it.  Then I challenged them to draw it large and if there was time we practiced coloring it in... all the little spaces that were created by a continuous line drawing.  I explained to the students that we would be creating this project in a final format next time. If they didn't want to make a bunny they could practice a different animal outside of class. They needed to show me that they had created and practiced the drawing at least 8 times and they could do their animal instead of the rabbit.  KIDS DID IT!! Not many, but enough to tell me choice is worth doing 'homework'. 

To increase the checking for understanding I created this background for them to do for their drawings.  They were to paint ovals and when dry, they could 'continuously line' design the ovals as decorated eggs. Unfortunately... this is where we have taken a break from school. Our students are now doing distance learning so I'm not able to show you more student samples... but rather just my finished products. 

Here was my set up for the painting day...

I had lots of tracers ready for students to use and I created a mixture of white and color so they could mix a tint for their ovals. I had each class use one color of paper so I can identify what art belongs to what class.

The papers match the kids color table so when the Art is when I can place these large sheets on the drying rack and when dry, I can put the work in the correct color folder for easy distribution the following Art Class.

This kid brought his work up to me and said... if you're going to paint ovals... then you might as well paint a lot of ovals. These kids make me smile every day.

Are you seeing the progression... These will look so great when/if they are ever finished.

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