Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hockney Landscapes

We looked at David Hockney's work to create our latest 1st grade project.  This was a way to let students create pattern using their newly learned shapes and lines. 

The best way for my students to know an artist name or concept for that matter is to add actions, or change something about how you present it.  I moved to the back of the room to my 'Want 2 Be' artist station. I 'dressed' like Hockney as I presented about him as an artist.  We also made an action to remember his name.  We made our arms like wings (just like a hawk) and then pointed to our knee.  Hawk-knee, or Hockney.  It worked, the homeroom teachers say they say it all the time.

The project was a 3 day project.  I gave a pre-test then introduced the artist, horizon line, and pattern.  The student practiced how to make the landscape.  

Pre and Post Test

Day 2, students drew their landscape on watercolor paper first in pencil then, outlined with sharpie.   They used oil pastel to make all the designs in the in each of the sections.  Day 3, started out with the post-test, a refresher on watercolors and they painted.  These turned out wonderful!  

Upon reflection, I don't think I would do the pre and post-test with 1st grade in this fashion.  Most students didn't understand what I was asking of them.  I think in 4th grade when we learn more advanced methods of making a landscape, it would be more valuable to check for prior knowledge.  As a whole, the first grade had little prior knowledge of landscapes so there was not need to assess such a skill.  It did show growth for some of my students, but still was not worth the time it took to complete. 

Below is a video I used to complete this project with my class. 

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  1. I have a print of Hockney's Nichols Canyon framed and hanging over my couch! Love it! Great lesson.