Friday, November 27, 2009


Students learned how to create shade in a art work!

1. Students drew a landscape on a sheet of watercolor paper with a dark crayon. They colored in in so just the silhouette of the landscape is showing.

2. The student then place the artwork in a tub of water.

3. Once soaked, the artwork is placed on a plastic container cover. They place a sheet of the same size colored tissue paper on top and pat it down.

4. A half size of black cray-paper is place on the upper half of the landscape. This is pressed down slightly. The next person in line is ready to repeat the same process by placing their wet landscape on this students work. The class continues to pile up their work, tissue, and cray-paper on top of one another.

5. to help the black die from the cray-paper blend down into the art to create shades, I squeezed some water on the top portion of the art and let it drip at an angle. I took the tissue paper and cray-paper off after 30 minutes and placed the work on a drying rack.

Each work turned out different and of quality. These are frame worthy projects!