Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tactile Texture

I love this project! We talk about tactile textures vs visual texture. I use a ton of 2-D images to talk about the visual texture. The tactile is explained with the toddler texture books. I also made some tactile texture boxes... Kids place their hand in a hole in a box to feel what is inside. They 'let their hands talk to their brain'. FUN! They love it. The necklace is low-fire white clay rolled into a ball. They flatten with their hand and add texture using 'junk treasure' (combs, forks, buttons, and so on...). After being fired, they paint their clay with watercolor, this year I used liquid watercolor. They dry right away. Final step is to add the colored noodles on the string (plastic cord). When finished they bring the art work over to me. I place the tape and on put it on their head. They LOVE it. We walk down to the office and shoe the administration our wonderful, wearable art. They feel like ROCK STARS!