Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aboriginal Design

Students looked at both original Aboriginal artwork and student work form a website I found... We talked about the high design and the dot patterns.

To prepare for this lesson, I took an 18X12 inch black piece of paper and cut it into 12X12 and used the remaining sheet (6X12) for a warm up activity. Students were asked to fold the paper to create 8 spaces within it. They used construction paper crayons to create several designs in each space. Once time had run out I asked them to tape their work up on the wall so we will have a large idea base for our final work.

The students traced an oval to assure a large body. They very designed the animal off from the oval with very simple lines. The students then added 5 lines from the outside of the page into the animal.

Students used oil pastels to add their designs onto their animal. They used many colors, shapes and lines. The wall of designs from last art class assisted in this big task. They then used a Q-timp and paint to add the dot pattern.