Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birds on a Line...

Welcome baby Chicks!

Every year our K classes get eggs and hatch chicks. This year we wanted to welcome our little chicks in style. Students worked on paper collaging and problem solving. They are so excited about the chicks they can hardly handle it:)

One Day activity (60 minutes)

6x18 yellow sheet (body)
4x6 yellow sheet (wings)
3x 4 orange sheet (beak)
1x12 orange sheet (legs)
Google eyes
2x2 tissue sheets (feathers)
Glue on a container top

Fold the large sheet of yellow in half and trim the edges so you curve out the body. The top is the folded side

Cut the beak, wings and fold the legs, glue them on as well as the google eyes.

Use a pencil to wrap the tissue paper around and glue the 'feathers' on.

Hang on a string by just draping the chick over the top.

Stand back and admire these cute little chicks!