Thursday, April 22, 2010

K's Mothers Day Card...

Mothers day cards...

This was a skill lesson for my K's. I wanted to cover design, painting, cutting, and glueing... I got it all in this one lesson.

Lesson 1

Talking about design. My favorite saying for design is as follows
Tip: Shapes and lines make the best designs.
We draw out designs in pencil and then outline the design with oil pastels. Depending on the group or the time you have to teach, We watercolored the designs too.

Lesson 2

I broke the cutting and glueing into two lessons. I really worked on the proper hold of the scissors and how to glue properly. For cutting they had to try the difficult shape of their own hand. I also had them cut their designs into hearts... very difficult for K's.

This was a great project to really work on skills.