Monday, April 19, 2010

Thick and Thin Numbers

One of my objective in 2nd grade art is to teach about thick and thin line. One of the objectives of 2nd grade math is to teach students how to add two digit numbers. I used Jasper Johns to help me teach Math through art!

Day 1

  • Introduce Jasper John's and his 'ordinary to extraordinary' approach to art.
  • Discussed thick and thin line (drawing on smart board, identifying line, making body into thick and thin lines)
  • Practice page, working on thick and thin numbers
Day 2

  • Review from last lesson
  • Fold paper into fourths
  • Draw with pencil two single digit numbers that are thin and two that are thick.
  • Outline and design the numbers with oil pastels
Day 3

  • Allow students to finish oil pastel if needed.
  • Place pre-cut tissue paper on each number with water.
  • Work on worksheet (seen below)

Tip: I typically ask students to paste the worksheet on the back of their work so parents and teachers know what was studied in the work of art presented to them.