Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fruit Fractions

Day 1

Students first learned about what a still life is, why artist make them, and looked at a variety of image to put in their visual library. Then game each table 3 pieces of fake fruits. Student 1 arranged the fruit and I played a song for about 5 minutes as they drew the still life in from of them. Then I gave each table 3 more object (block) and asked student 2 to arrange them. I repeated this process until all students at the table were able to arrange the still life.

Day 2

Day two was so much fun! Students were asked to bring in apples, banana's or oranges. I gave a brief lesson on fractions reenforcing fractions (which they are working on in class). After dividing a long sheet of paper into 4 sections, the students looked at the fruit and drew it as a whole in the first section. Then I asked them to each away about 1/4. They loved this! I gave them music prompts again to let them know to draw the 3/4 fruit in the second section. The students repeated this process until getting down to 1/4 of the apple. If student had time I asked them to outline the image with sharpie marker.

Tip: Have a cutting board and knife on hand... remember these are 2nd grade students and many of them don't have their front teeth:)

Day 3

Tip: I drew one and made copies of it so student who were gone on day two would not be behind. I only grade students on the work they complete, the coloring in this case.

We did a quick review of fractions and still lives. Students worked on a worksheet creating the four fractions we talked about last time. I often have students do a worksheet.

Tip: Ask students to glue their worksheet on the back. This way parents know what students learned with this wonderful work of art they are being presented.

Student worked on coloring their work. I suggested they start with their fruit and then if they had time, move to the background.

Students placed a background to boarder the edges of the work, they glued their worksheet on the back and placed it on the drying rack. It was fun to watch student so excited about the Mathsterpieces they created:)

Thank you ART FOR SMALL HANDS for the great idea!


  1. Great idea! I love how you integrated this with what they are working on in math!!

  2. Yum they are doing a wonderful job on this! I tried this with a 5th grade bilingual class and it was hard but they did it. These guys look young! Way to go!

  3. Thanks Erica and Kyrstin! The kids had a blast!