Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smashing Clay

My Mini Matisse is classic for smashing the heck out of clay. She wants to poke and prod the clay until it is so thin there is no way to fire it. I have students like this too in the older grades. I thought about experimenting with her. I placed the clay into a cookie cutter and gave her tiles and sticks and texture buttons... all the things she loves to destroy clay with. It held up well. They clay survived and the project is in the kiln now:)


  1. My youngest one is so prim and proper. She doesn't like to get dirty or play with clay. My eldest one, however, loves to get her hands dirty and roll in the grass. I bought them a clay set and my eldest one is the only that plays with it.

  2. RoseBelle-

    Kids are so amazing. How different they can be. What will work for one... WILL NOT for the next. Both of my kids are similar to Pigpen on Charlie Brown. Both are ALWAYS dirty and I love it! Although it might be nice to have one like you youngest too. Maybe a few less stains in their cloths.

  3. Can you fire it after she puts all the tiles and stick in it?

  4. Erica- Yep, these are cute little tiles that we got from a company had hundreds of mosaic kits. The kits could not be sold do to the glue had dried in them. They are 1/4 inch tiles and they seem to be plaster or light weight ceramic. I have experimented a lot with them. Check out the mosaic hearts...

    I choose to glaze on top of the hearts with clear and it was a great effect. I have also fired without a glaze and that was successful too. I love trying things out... I have a LOT of flops but somethings turn out good.