Thursday, May 20, 2010

A visit from Matisse...

We are studying Henri Matisse's work to discuss overlapping. For my first 2nd grade class I told the story about Matisse in a wheel chair and how he drew with scissors. I explained that he use assistants in his studio because of his wheel chair use. The kids got it but I don't think they will remember it. I want them to let it sink into their brains that ALL people are artist no matter what their physical body looks like. For the next three 2nd grade groups I dressed up like Matisse (or put a some facial hair, glasses and a hat on). The kids loved it... in fact I learned that they listen better to Henri then they do to their Art Teacher:).


  1. Awesome! No one will soon forget Matisse!

  2. What a cool idea! I always wanted to do something like this, but I don't have time between my classes to get all dressed up!

  3. Love it and love Matisse too, so I'll have to try this! The kids all remember the Halloween I bandaged my ear, put on a red beard and put candles on my hat. They never forgot Van Gogh after that.

  4. ArtTeacherLeigha- I don't have time in between classes either. While one class is going out the 'out' door, I have a second coming in. I started the class by saying that we have an artist visiting today, I went over how to behave when there was a visiter and the whole bit, then I told them I would go out and get Matisse. They were so excited that they didn't make a peep when I was out in the hall way:)

    Phyl- LOVE the idea of Van Gogh. I had so much fun with Matisse, I want to do it every year with a different artist. Van Gogh would be fun. I also want to do Frida, or Chihuly, they would be a lot of fun too!!!

    Teaching can be a blast if you let it:)