Monday, June 28, 2010

All in stitches...

This summer I have taught several classed through the Elk River Art Alliance. I called it Picasso Dolls. We first talked about Picasso and to free their mind up so they can design their doll anyway that they want. NO WRONG ANSWERS!

After that, we spent the first day creating a needle folder. As you can see they worked on stitches on a small swatch of material. This allowed me to see what level the students are at before working on the doll.

When finished they had a cover done with stitches, a added shape and a button. They had a second sheet with needles, pins, and a small pouch for a needle threading tool.

I sandwich a ribbon in between the wrong sides. Finally, I did a quick sew on the edges of the needle folder and they have a product in a couple of hours.


  1. Love this idea...can't wait to see the Picasso dolls!

  2. Oh this brings back a memory! Girl Scouts, when I was a girl. We put together sewing kits on a piece of felt that got rolled up and put in mom's empty liptstick tube. Nice, but I sewed mine to my skirt. I'll never forget it!

  3. Oh funny Phyl! We crafty people learn from our mistakes:) I bet you wouldn't stitch anything to the you skirt again... unless you wanted to:)