Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Stones.

I taught a couple of summer course at the Elk River Art Alliance this summer. Here is one that I mentioned in an earlier post. Above is a couple of my students. I offered it for any age but I also it to parent (grandparents) and kids to take it together.

Here is my assistant (my husband:)) helping the students set the cement. We mixed a full bag of concert and it made 13 stones. We also added a little terracotta coloring to the mix to contrast the mostly cool colored stones I found at the dollar store.
As I mentioned the stones are from the dollar store, but so are the pie tins. I bought different shapes but mostly 9 inch pans (round and circles) work the best.
Students designed their stones with rocks, marbles, leaves, and handprints. I also had some letters they could press into the stone. When they are fully dry, the tin is removed by ripping it off. They turn out great!


  1. Fun! What kind of cement do you use?

  2. Just reg. cement from Home Depot. It is called QuickCrete crack resistant. We also add coloring to it. There are a few colors to choose from in the cement area. Give it a try! Lot's of fun!