Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memory Crowns!

I know the end of the year has come and gone but put this in your mind for next... I saw a posting on Artolazzi last month (or so) making these cool hats Artolazzi calls Happy Hats. I thought I would take the idea and make a one day project out of it for the last day of my 2nd graders. I took all the scrap paper I had from the year and cut it into strips. We 1st talked about the year and all the events, memories, and lessons they learned. Then I asked them to draw their memories on what would be come the band of the crown. Then the last 15 minutes of class (15 minutes is perfect so the hats don't get to crazy) they used the scrap paper, and almost gone glues sticks to make a beautiful memory crown. Plus I got to smile and the kids walking out the door on the last day with the cutest, silliest hats:)


  1. I like that idea. Wish I could remember it when the end of the next school year rolls around. jan

  2. these turned out cute! aren't they fun? :)