Monday, June 21, 2010

Wear Aprons...

Need a new collection? I have the perfect one for you. I have been making and collecting aprons for the past couple of years. It is the perfect thing to have around as a art teacher. I have destroyed too many outfits in my short career. I started wearing a smock a couple of years ago but after baby number two, I thought... enough of the big baggy cover-up cloths... Let's get something pretty. Here I am now... obsessed with aprons. Anyone else in love with these cute coverups?


  1. So cute! An apron for every outfit.

    The other trouble with smocks is they are just hot. An apron - not!

  2. Love them!!! I like yours why better then my paint splatter white one that says Mrs. messy on it. A lot of the kids started thinking my name was messy because it was on my smock!

  3. I like aprons too! The kids always want to wear mine. I get my mum to make them for me :)