Saturday, July 31, 2010

I need a new look...

So I'm going for a new look. I may experiment a bit before settling on one. I'm looking for opinions and I know you have them! Please comment.


  1. Ha ha!! I'm also changing the look of my blog. I'm curious as to what template you used to get your text area so wide - I like the layout. I tried doing two columns on the side (like you did) and they ended up so skinny the words were all broken up weird. I couldn't get the blocks to spread out any wider. And where did you find the background? I worked with the ones I found on blogger's new 'template designer' but don't know how to go beyond that.
    So - as for the 'look' of yours - I like the layout, but I'm not enamored with the green argyle, though it is certainly unique - not one that I remember seeing on blogger. Personal taste, I know - it may be 'you'!! Keep experimenting - it's fun to try something new!

  2. ooh I've already changed mine AGAIN. Stop and look at it please :-)