Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life Size Poster

Life size poster of me:)... who doesn't want one of those:)

As I mentioned in a previous posting, my husband and I visited our old stopping grounds of UW-Stout for some classes this summer. In my last posting I talked about the 11x17 poster we made. We also got to make a life size poster (30x40). This was quite fun. Here is mine to the right. Below is some of the images that their students created. It was a nice display of students showing their interests down the hall. It made my brain start to think about how I could use a similar concept for my school. Even if it is nothing more then taking a picture of them holding a white sheet of paper and printing it out to have them create their art in the blank of the paper. Always thinking about how I can apply new skills to my school, home, or life:)