Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New paint makes me happy.

Finally! I finally decided on a color for our bathroom. Our house has been a lot of different colors in the 6 years that we have lived here. I seem to get bolder and bolder. Not sure what comes next after this color. This is pretty 'hello and good morning'. Here's how I did the birds and branch.

I painted the lighter color 1st.
Then I placed painters tape up and cut my birds out of contact paper. The contact paper I used was clear so you can't see it well in the image.

I painted over the tape and birds 1st with the same light color. I read this some where some time long ago. I had never used the method before. The idea behind doing this is so that if there are little places that are not totally tight to the wall and there is a slight bleed behind the tape... the bleed will be the same color as the shape. It worked!

Then I painted two (or three) coats of the darker color over the whole wall. When dry, I removed the tape there was no problems. The contact paper was something else. I had to have an X-acto knife to cut through the paints as I was removing the contact paper. Does anyone know a getter way? It turned out as I had hoped.