Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never had a speaker like this...

This is Marcia Tate... She was the speaker for our district inservice today. She was AWESOME!!! She is humorous and entertaining. Marcia talked about how the brain works, how we can teach our students, and how we can be happy and purposeful in our jobs. I was so impressed with this bright light of a speaker that I wanted to share her web site. I feel these book and her knowledge can help everyone of us become better teachers. I know that is what we all want, we always want to improve. Give her site a look and let me know if you already use some of her philosophy.


  1. She sounds awesome. Sounds like what we need at our school. By the way, my principal gave me the okay for ATCs. Yay!

  2. Sweet Janie! I will be sending out a email to all ATCers by Friday! I'm glad you can trade!

  3. That Marcia Tate must travel like crazy. She was our school's inservice speaker the very next day! Unfortunately for me, I was at a different inservice. = (